What Can I Do For You: Consultations

Call For A Free 30 Minute Consultation

I often work with Investors, marketers and small business owners. I offer my services at a low cost project by project basis. If you need help with social media, web design, logos, or anything technology related give me a call. You can reach me at my direct line at 805-587-8056. Pricing ranges based on each individual project.

Websites:  Average Cost

Website cost

What do we charge? I will charge only $500 for a complete website setup. The $500 cost is labor only and other costs will be added in during the estimate period. A website could cost a decent amount depending on how intuitive you would like it to be. I personally prefer something simple over substantive but really, it’s up to you.


For project’s, consultation is free, pricing is determined by time & difficulty of project.



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