My Pal, Jack Dunsmoor

( Just thought I would share an exciting email from a new client of mine who is super excited to get started working with me! I had him start some content creation before we met up to really propel his work and material from his book OK2BG)


I’ve got all my digital elements done for my 1st video vlog & I’m ready to pass the torch over to you whenever, to do your technical magic & put the whole jigsaw-puzzle together, so I can post my new income-stream online & make some money while I sleep!

I’m attaching a pdf file, so you can preview my outline/script & extensive thoughts on the subject of my video (cleaning the bus stop for kids) – but you don’t have to read the Talking Points pages if you don’t want to – it was just something I needed to do before I began to shoot the video, to help me focus. However, pages 32-34 indicate the various videos & the best footage to use, in my opinion.

I will include the original Word file of this document when we get together, so you can cut & paste the pictures and/or text that much easier.

I’ve got everything on a thumb-stick to hand-over to you whenever you decide is the best day to get together (for a hamburger?), so we can do the digital transfer ASAP…

…because I’m so excited & looking forward to how this whole thing turns out!

Thanks again for all the hard work you’re about to undertake, for the good of all concerned & to help save the planet!



Get His Latest Book Here: OK2BG




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