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Joshua Huddleston, our Founder & CEO is a smart worker with plenty of dedication to do the best he can in whatever it is he chooses to commit to. He has always aspired  to have his own business, and become a master internet marketer/technician. Josh has invested much of his personal time in self-development, and in the Real Estate Education/Investment field. Part of his path has allowed him to educate others on different marketing techniques, and investment strategies. He has spent the past year at marketing events learning new cutting edge techniques to spice up the way others promote their product or services. He has  developed a unique gift of satisfying other’s needs, and is always taking responsibility for what needs to be done that will best suit all of JH Teknical’s clientele. Our Motto here at JH Teknical, “We firmly believe we will be an asset to any company that chooses to give us the opportunity of working with them by providing excellent service, promptness, and new ideas.”


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Brad Beckett, a writer for http://www.unitinginvestors.org had graciously offered us the wonderful opportunity to write for us as well. More articles & trending topics from Brad will be coming soon.

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Tyler Bowers is one of our Graphical Designers.

I am a mostly self taught artist. I draw, do graphic design and photoshop effects. – Tyler Bowers

Contact Tyler @ t.bowers22@yahoo.com


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