Microsoft – Surface Pro? Yes or No?

The new school year is going to be starting soon! Oh my! I remember when school didn't start again for a solid 3 months, plus if you were anything like me, you would ditch the last week to juice the summer for you could. What does this mean for student? New pencils, new notebooks, new … Continue reading Microsoft – Surface Pro? Yes or No?


O in Outsourcing – The Key to Success!

So... I have been using this new site (not new, but new to me) called Fiverr¬†. What makes Fiverr so great? You can hire anyone for only $5! Isn't that awesome? I outsource a lot of things including the logos you see on this site, logos for other companies, video shorts, transcibing, cold calls, sales … Continue reading O in Outsourcing – The Key to Success!

What Hasn’t Been Stolen?

I was looking around for some decent techy blogs and I found one that is kind of interesting. It discusses the few Smart phone features that haven't in one way shape or form gone to every other other Smart phone platform, Android, Iphone, etc. The blog was provided by Gizmodo (one of the best tech … Continue reading What Hasn’t Been Stolen?

Polling – Know Your Audience!

Who is your audience? Hey so I post all my blogs that you can find here on another site called ... It is a pretty cool site that I like to use because it has a decent amount of people on there that I know personally. I often travel to different REIAs (Real Estate … Continue reading Polling – Know Your Audience!

The 3 F’s!

Fireworks, Family, and Food. Inside the mind of an entrepreneur: Are you excited for this coming 4th of July? Nothing is better than barbecuing corn, roast, hot links, and in some houses Nopales (cactus). You can enjoy being by the pool side with family and friends playing games and being ridiculous. ¬†As the night progresses … Continue reading The 3 F’s!