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Executing the work –

Latest Websites:

Here is the latest project from JH Teknical – lapropertypartners.com

La Property Partners is an exclusive investment firm looking to raise money for various investment opportunities. Be sure to check them out!

Las Vegas is Ours:

Recently, at Prosperity Through Real Estate, we acquired the REIA Las Vegas! What does this mean? Steve Love, Robyn Love, and I will now be attending Real Estate Education seminars in Las Vegas! Party time!!! You can see our upcoming investment events at: https://www.reialv.com/

Education Should be FREE!

At Prosperity Through Real Estate in Culver City, on the first two Tuesdays of the month, we are now 100% FREE! Isn’t that exciting?! You can now get quality Real Estate Investment training education for free. I personally attended the last meeting (though I attend all meetings) about Assisted Living Homes with none other than Gene Guarino. It was fantastic. Learn more at www.prosperitythroughrealestate.com

School – Is A Degree Worth It?

So, I decided to take some online school courses. Is this truly what I wanted to do? Not really, but I thought it was a good way to supplement my education and also receive some free money for doing what I already love doing. Ask me how!

P.S. Be Sure to Check Out the Best How to Book Out there, by famed author Darrell Mitchell

How To Start And Manage Your Own Publishing Company


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