Microsoft – Surface Pro? Yes or No?

The new school year is going to be starting soon! Oh my! I remember when school didn’t start again for a solid 3 months, plus if you were anything like me, you would ditch the last week to juice the summer for you could. What does this mean for student? New pencils, new notebooks, new erasers, BORING BORING BORING! …. Let’s talk about the new tech coming out!

Tech isn’t just for the ideal college student who needs a new tablet laptop, whatever the hell that is, but for the major business man and entrepreneur. If you are ADD/ADHD like me you may be wanting me to get to the point already so here it is – Surface Pro of 2017/2018… What is it? What can it do? Why do we want it?


DISCLAIMER: I am not being paid by Microsoft to sell this, I am selling it to build my network! Marketing Tip #249.

I am going to tell you a story first, my friend bought the Surface Pro (4?) … He bought 2 and both came out of the box screwed up. His 3rd one was pretty good. Based on that, would it be worth the head ache? I am not sure… Assuming everything works out perfectly lets see what we are looking at spec wise:

(because I am lazy, here are pictures)

Surface pro

So what does this mean to the non tech? You have a decent amount of storage, an almost 14 hour battery life for those long plane flights, the graphics are decent (not for any major art, but definitely for some easier things) the weight is great for any one traveling around. Personally I ride a badass motorcycle so weight is super important other wise I am going to look like Hunch Back of Notre Dame in 30 years.

The I7, 16gb of Ram, AC wifi, is all great for speed. The only thing you may need is a hotspot and you are good to go. Overall, Microsoft products are still the standard in the world and easily available. I personally prefer PC over Mac simply because I am a gamer. As a student, business owner, and gamer PC wins. I say YES. What’s your preference?

Surface pro 13.jpg

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