O in Outsourcing – The Key to Success!

So… I have been using this new site (not new, but new to me) called Fiverr . What makes Fiverr so great? You can hire anyone for only $5! Isn’t that awesome? I outsource a lot of things including the logos you see on this site, logos for other companies, video shorts, transcibing, cold calls, sales calls, ghost writing (just kidding I don’t have a ghost writer!), and so much more!

What else can you get on Fiverr? If you are lonely and really bored you can even get a girlfriend! Ha! Just kidding, but seriously you can get women to say that they are your girlfriend, wife, or estranged lover. Some of the odd yet cooler “gigs” include acceptance letters from Hogwarts or simply a man digging a hole and finding a note written by you.

Here are some screenshots,

This is a screen shot of the homepage. Practical and user friendly.


This is just a screen shot of my profile picture, rating, etc. Pretty cool huh? Look at my pretty ribbon!


Below is a snapshot of Fiverr Community Events. Fairly self explanatory.


Aside from the above features you can also access their forums, blogs, and podcasts! Fiverr definitely is a great tool for any entrepreneur. Be sure to add it to your office list of resources.

P.S. Be Sure to Check Out the Best How to Book Out there, by famed author Darrell Mitchell

How To Start And Manage Your Own Publishing Company


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