Polling – Know Your Audience!

Who is your audience?

Hey so I post all my blogs that you can find here on another site called Unitinginvestors.org … It is a pretty cool site that I like to use because it has a decent amount of people on there that I know personally. I often travel to different REIAs (Real Estate Investment Associations) so I get to meet all of this influencers like Casey Eberhart of TheIdealNetworker, or . WELL this site will let you meet them to.

Though I kind of “plugged” their site, that was not the point of this blog post! I wanted to share a poll I made on their site just because I thought it was cool.


Check it out ^^^

Now this is not the only place you can have a poll, you can make polls on Facebook also,


Pretty Cool huh? As a Sociology major I love to see the polls & statistics and it’s even better when the polls have the potential to raise your profits. Moral of the story, ask your audience what it is they want? Find the problem, provide the solution.

P.S. Be Sure to Check Out the Best How to Book Out there, by famed author Darrell Mitchell

How To Start And Manage Your Own Publishing Company


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