The 3 F’s!

Fireworks, Family, and Food.

Inside the mind of an entrepreneur:

Are you excited for this coming 4th of July? Nothing is better than barbecuing corn, roast, hot links, and in some houses Nopales (cactus). You can enjoy being by the pool side with family and friends playing games and being ridiculous. As the night progresses and more alcohol is consumed the party gets more and more crazy. Then the grand finale! The Fireworks!…

The sky will be lit with dozens of different firey lights caused by explosive gunpowder and decorated shells. To the left will be Roman Candles! On the right there is a Zero Gravity (Girandola)! I will never forget when I was younger and every 4th of July family friends and I would climb up onto the roof top (you had to be at least 12 years old) and in every directions we were able to see the fire works shows from all of the county parks, or community colleges. In every direction you were able to see at least 2-3 separate fire works shows.

Aside from being excited for such a wonderful day, what does the 4th have to do with business? Let us think about the process, the most important part of anything, and understand what goes on. For starters there is tons of food. In our business the food is just the beginning. Food would be the start of our funnel. The hook, the sell, the connection. So if food is the first step in the business funnel, what is the second?

The next part of our funnel would be talking with family and friends, playing games, and building rapport. Of course you probably already have rapport with your family but it never hurts to strengthen those relationships. This is the same with our business connections. Rapport, Rapport, Rapport! Who knows, some of your partners may be joining you this 4th of July!

The grand finale is finally here. The fireworks show is about to begin, and your latest sale, partnership, or contract is about to be settled! This the last step in your funnel. You have opened the relationship, built rapport, and now you close.

It is important to understand that every thing in life can be broken down into many moving parts. Take what you do one step at a time and enjoy the process. With that being said, have a wonderful 4th of July. Be safe and have fun!

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