Philipsburg, St. Maarten (with eggs)

Blog #3 Sunday February 26th, 2017 by Steve Love

When I finally decided to start blogging, I chose to blog just 5 days per week at most. Monday through Friday. So here I am writing on a Sunday after also writing yesterday, a Saturday.

Did I have a change of heart? Not really. I still plan to only write Monday – Friday as a rule if even that often, but since I procrastinated for 10 years or more, I thought it best to keep the momentum going.

Plus, being on a cruise gives me extra time to write and there’s probably going to be lots to write about: all my friends here, the different islands or countries, the new learning from National REIA and even the food!
Speaking of which, after sleeping in until 10 (6am in Los Angeles!) I woke Robyn up so we could get breakfast before they closed.

We both had delicious made-to-order omelets. Then I went back to get 2 more eggs over easy. So here goes my pet peeve that happens almost every time I order eggs over easy.

Ok, admittedly I’m pretty picky about any eggs. I suspect this comes from my dad. He was great at cooking eggs and would often tease my mom: “Betty, you sure know how to murder an egg!”. For some reason my mom never really got the hang of making good eggs over easy. Even my sister, who’s a super gourmet cook herself, says she also can’t cook eggs. I guess it’s something only the Love men can do! I wonder how my 2 boys will fare at it.

Anyway, so I ordered my eggs from the nice young man at the omelet station who presumably does this daily. I asked him if he could make fried eggs over easy. He enthusiastically said he could. Then I asked him to please cook them slowly with NO BROWN CRUST, only white on both sides (like eggs over easy are supposed to be!). He said he could do it and I asked him if he understood, reiterating no brown crust on either side. He said he understood. So he proceeded to cook them and when he turned them over, (you guessed it!) a crispy brown crust was on the top. I pointed that out to him and told them the fire was too hot. To his credit, he did ask me if he should re-do them but since I didn’t want them wasted, I took them as is. We’ll see what happens tomorrow!

But really, this happens 95% of the time. It happens not just on cruise ships but at most restaurants too. Is it really so hard to fry an egg “over easy” correctly?

Today we’re in Phillipsburg, St. Maarten. It’s pretty hot & humid out. Since we’ve both been here more than once, we’ve decided to stay on board today. We’ll enjoy reading, blogging in my case, eating twice again and of course napping too. I love cruise ships!

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