To My Followers,

I want to say THANK YOU!

I wanted to say thank you to those following me, after a year of going at it and blogging weekly to monthly I have made it to 40 whopping followers! Often times many things happen in life that cause disruption and it is during that disruption that true colors can show. While in the fire and flame of destruction that I have been through mentally, physically, and emotionally I have been able to continue posting.

Something I like to do every day is speak to the heavens, not necessarily God, or any specific deity but just to the heavens. What is it I say?:

Thank you Universe, God, and the binding energy that brings us all together. Thank you for my life and those in it. Thank you for the great opportunities I am given. Thank you life for the pain that I endure regularly in order to build character and become a stronger more yielding person. Thank you for the joy that I get. Thank you for saving me in times of need and always providing. Thank you.

I have been saying something like that everyday for roughly 10 years now. You do not have to be religious. You can be a hardcore atheist and still find appreciation for the things around you. Today, I am thankful for my followers and the progression over the past year.

P.S. It is my beautiful Girlfriends birthday to day, and I would like to especially thank her for her support since she has been a supporter since day 1.

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