All Aboard

All Aboard!

Blog #2 Saturday February 25th, 2017 by Steve Love

Wow! So here we are aboard Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of the Seas cruise ship!

I love cruising maybe better than almost anything else these days. Fishing and concerts, are right up there at the top of my list too though.

Anyway, our son drove us to LAX last night where we caught a red eye flight to San Juan in Puerto Rico. After a change of planes in Houston, we arrived at about 1pm. We ran into our friends Robert & Katherine Orfino at the Houston airport.

After gathering our luggage, I made an unsuccessful attempt to do a Facebook Live, but apparently, not enough signal strength here either.

Another activity I’ve been procrastinating on is Facebook Live. After finally learning how to do it from my buddy Robert, I’ve attempted a few times now. Even at home the signal seems too weak but at least I’m no longer procrastinating on this one.

Anyway, we caught a cab to the ship ($25 including tip). I’m glad they take US currency here. Well they should since they’re a US territory or something.

Getting aboard went much smoother than usual. There were no long lines to check in or to go through security, drop off luggage, etc.

Naturally we headed straight up to the buffet! It really wasn’t that great a lunch this time because most of the dishes contained red meat which we don’t eat. I did manage to get a delicious veggie cheese burger with fries.

We didn’t bother exploring the ship but rather went to our stateroom where I started this blog. Robyn started reading, her favorite pastime, and quickly fell asleep.

After muster (lifeboat drill), we headed to the dining room where we saw many old friends such as Duncan & Kelly Wierman, Scott Whaley, Rebecca McLean, Anna Mills, Anthony Chara, Larry Goins, Tony Youngs, and many more that I’m embarrassed that I don’t remember their names!

After an excellent dinner of sea bass, scallop fettuccine, escargot, and caesar salad, Robyn went back to the stateroom to read. I headed to computer center to check email.

I paid about $83 to have unlimited internet during this whole cruise. This is a real bargain compared to 75 cents per minute that ships used to charge!

When I returned to our stateroom, Robyn was asleep (with her book still on her lap) so I headed to the main theatre for the Welcome Aboard Show. It started out with some OK singers & dancers and then a comedian was introduced. That’s all I remember because I fell asleep! I guess the almost sleepless night on the plane finally caught up with me.

I stumbled my way to the cabin, read a little, finished this blog and am heading to bed.

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