Polling Your Audiences

Need content for your blog or your website? Maybe you want to interact more with your YouTube audience by having them answer some questions in the comments? One of the key ways you can generate content ideas and engage your network is by simply listening to your audience. Often at the Real Estate events I help coordinate we will ask our audience how they would like to see our events progress.

Not that you would go around taking polls and giving out pop up quizzes to all your family and friends but asking how you can better improve your relationships can create very positive change in your life as well. I often will ask my family members, boss, girlfriend, or just friend what I can do to help them out or if there is anything they need.

A common trend I see is that people will either A. Not be able to say no, or B. Struggle asking others for help. If you ask people questions that can help you gauge their comfort level on a certain topic or find out where they need help then you have just alleviated a lot of mental stress for the people in your life. Ease of choice and a fast answer will also take the mental strain off you. Discussion boards, forums, and other type of conversation sites can be a bit difficult to weed through. Polls go straight to a pretty good choice or answer.

Here are some sample polls that I have for my Social Media audience,

Example 1:
Which Social Media Platform do you market on if any?
A. Facebook
B. Snapchat
C. Instagram
D. LinkedIn
E. Other

Example 2:
Which Social Media Marketing Strategy would you like to learn about?
A. Lead Generation Buyers/Sellers
B. Community Building/Groups/Pages
C. Networking/Instant Messaging
D. Selling Products/Ad Campaigns
E. Other

Of course Social Media is not the only thing in existence so try to expand your thinking on all the different topics and audiences you can cover with each poll.

What would you like to read about in future blogs? Leave your answers in the comments below!

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