Bon Voyage to the Procrastinator!

Blog #1

By Steve Love

Oh my! Am I really FINALLY writing my first blog? Talk about procrastination, I’ve been going to start writing a blog “sometime soon” for over 10 years!!!
I’ll start on January 1st. . Then while on my next fishing trip. Then on the next cruise. When I get back from vacation. On my birthday. The day after I attend the next rock concert so I can write about that. On the next real estate boot camp. No, after the boot camp. Ok, the next January 1st for sure!

So the real reason is that I’m a procrastinator big time.
So why today? I’m not really sure. I vowed to do this at a marketing boot camp over a year ago when we discussed blogs for an hour. Then at the same boot camp a year later.
I am leaving on a cruise tomorrow so maybe that’s spurred me on. I should have the time to do it while on board.
I’ve heard that procrastinators, of which I may be the best of all, should just procrastinate on procrastinating. Interesting thought, huh? In other words, just put off on procrastinating by just doing it NOW.
Ok, I’ve started!
Now I’m going to pack for the upcoming 7-day cruise with National REIA (Real Estate Investors Association). I can’t wait! I probably love cruising more than anything. We, my incredible wife Robyn & I, catch a redeye out of LAX tonight headed for San Juan Puerto Rico. See you on the ship!

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