Paris Accords – Trumping the Nation

Generally I choose to stay out of the conversation of politics on my blog but I must say that our President’s speech on the accords was wonderful. I do not want this conversation to be focused on politics, fake news, republican, or democrat. This blog is not about #Covefe… What ever the hell that means.

Why then do I choose to mention the President’s speech?

First, I want you to take your EGO, and don’t bullshit me. We all have an ego. Take your ego, and throw it out the window below:


Good, now that you checked your ego at the door we can get to business. As a business owner and entrepreneur you have a primary duty. That duty is to generate wealth. Why was Trumps speech so great? Trump discussed that his core duty is to create wealth for America. For those of you who want to raise your hand in argument of Trumps “true” intentions please just hold on a minute.

So let us assume for a minute that you were the president of your own country. Maybe you worked your way up the ranks or you built your company from the ground up. What would you do to build it up? How would you re-work the things you are doing now to generate wealth? Is it okay to back out of certain prior agreements to progress in other areas that your company may be struggling?

Maybe you are in personal debt so you must figure out where your money is going and also figure out where cuts can be made. As an entrepreneur, especially just starting out, it is extremely easy to find yourself racking up debt when you do not have a regular paycheck coming in. Despite the discussion of climate, I like how Trump made the point that as a country we are handing over our ability to make wealth to other countries.

Occasionally in the world of self development and IBO (Independent Business Owners) work you try to work with people and hand over the wealth.

Here is an example:

Bob has a website design business but he does not do graphics. His sites are fairly basic. Bob gets a client who desperately needs some good graphics. What does Bob do? Bob decided he will just call Joe who does websites and graphics. Bob refers his client to Joe. Bob loses the client but makes Joe happy. Bob and Joe now have a good relationship. Bob doesn’t get another client for two weeks. Bob’s rent is due and he is short by $200 because he hasn’t had any clients. Bob’s good relationship with Joe may be good on a personal level but from a business standpoint it has ZERO benefit for Bob. Instead the relationship will only benefit Joe. Joe has no reason to refer a client to Bob since Joe does websites and graphics.

Alright, so does everyone see the problem here? What could Bob of done? A quick solution Bob could have done according to Trumps advice is take a big step backwards.

Again let us assume what was said in our Presidents speech is all true. One of the things mentioned is that the accord allowed India to process twice as much coal where the United States was restricted from processing coal. What is the benefit to India? India processes coal then sells it on the world market making India wealthier. The SAME product of poor air quality is being generated as if the United States did not lessen it’s coal production and India had never been given the opportunity and financial aid to increase it’s coal production.

Example 2:

Rewind: Bob has a website design business but he does not do graphics. His sites are fairly basic. Bob gets a client who desperately needs some good graphics. What does Bob do? Bob tells the client that he can do the graphics. Bob accepts the contract for work and immediately begins looking to outsource for a graphic designer. The graphic could be a college student, or a pro like Joe. Rather than hand over everything to Joe he just gives him a piece of the action. They split the ability of work down the middle. Bob then develops the website and his graphics guy gets the graphics portion done. The client is happy and Bob gets a referral from his client. Bob’s rent comes due and he is able to pay his rent. Not only did Bob pay his rent but he got an additional client he did not expect so he was able to take his family on a weekend vacation.

For those of you that are not as entrepreneurial you may automatically choose the option in example 1. I myself tend to choose example 1 as I am writing this blog myself rather than hiring a ghost writer and shortening my work load to be more creative.

SO let us re – cap. Bob in example 2 (United States) has a website company (Coal Production) and he has work. He chose to make an agreement (Paris Accords) with Joe (India) but rather than negotiating that Joe will get all of the work (Coal Production) Bob simply negotiated that he himself will get his usual work load (Coal production) and Joe will also get  some of the work (Coal Production). Both companies (countries) prosper still strengthening their relationship. Joe did not have to take on twice the work (India taking on twice the coal production) which kept the work even between both Bob and Joe and the same product was developed (Green House Gas) as if Joe had taken on all of the work.

What is our number one goal? Create wealth. Who do we create wealth for? Ourselves. Is this selfish? No. Why? Because we get work, create work for someone else, create a happy client, and receive a referral which will start the process all over.

Wash – Rinse – Repeat.

Maybe this was a bit complicated for some but I wanted to ensure that a point was made. Both in the fact that sometimes it is okay to take a step backwards and that sharing the wealth for both parties to benefit is not a bad thing.

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