Free Ice-Cream

I have been thinking of awesome and different ways to market lately. Why was I pondering this even with all the marketing classes/bootcamps I have attended? The truth is the learning never stops. What really got me thinking about it was the other day when I visited my long time friend Kevin. He flew in from a tiny little state called Texas (for all you Texans, I had to poke fun!).

When he got to his families house he explained to me that something kind of odd happened. There he is sitting in his families back yard and all of a sudden he hears a loud… “FREE ICE-CREAM”. It wasn’t a nice sounding “Free Icecream” either. It was more of a robotic horror movie type thing. My friend looked around wondering where the “FREE ICE-CREAM” Terminator sound was coming from. Finally my friend had decided to go to the front of the house to check it out. Chugging along the street was a big truck and spouting out of it was the lingering “FREE ICE-CREAM” sound. WELL if in this situation it had been me I would have said the hell with free ice-cream BUT my friend isn’t me so of-course he took of in hot pursuit of the ice-cream truck.

Long story short he finally caught up to the damn thing and the man maneuvering the vehicle and responsible for the hideous “FREE ICE-CREAM” sound was very kind. Apparently he was a Real Estate Broker and the Ice Cream was a way for him to market in that neighbor hood. When they approached he tried to convince them that he would be the next guy to list their house.

I must say out of all the things I have been taught I have never ever in my life heard, or thought about giving people free Ice-Cream out. I might mention also that my friend brought his little sister. So this man was going around giving away children free Ice-Cream. What ever works right?

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