May Madness and June Boom!

Check Out the Latest Ups and Downs from the Social Media Stock world. This may help you determine what Social Media Platform is on the rise through may into a June Boom, or may simply be a June Gloom candidate.

Facebook, and owners of Instagram is at a steady pace not looking to crash at any time. Facebook is still strong with marketing and slowly incorporating cross marketing with Instagram. It is still the main platform for a majority of people with over 1 billion people.


Twitter is one of the next giants and a fan favorite of our President. Twitter did well today but overall seems to be on a very steady decline as predicted earlier in the year, and even in the end of last year. I suggest to stay on the Facebook & Instagram marketing but don’t focus to hard on Twitter unless you want to keep up on your politics.


Snapchat… Well.. I know people doing deals on Snapchat, I see all my friends on Snapchat, you may want to make sure your daughter is NOT on Snapchat to much! Just kidding. Snapchat is performing well and will continue to grow. There is no telling what might be in the future. For more info you can read some of my previous blogs on how to increase your Snapchat reputation!



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