Learning About Blogging & Social Media

By Joshua Huddleston

We are now officially over 60 posted blogs! Hoooray!

Between my original writings, guest writers, and various video blogs we have successfully gotten over the hump of 60. These blogs are posted throughout LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogger, StumbleUpon, UnitingInvestors, and even found via Google. Through the months we have had roughly 5,000 views combined which is still a baby number. Why is celebrating 60 blogs, and 5,000 views SOOOO important?

It is always important to celebrate little successes in life. Often time as adults we find that everything can get kind of lonely, or difficult. This is especially true for the young entrepreneurs out there. One of my friends, and inspirations Robert Orfino told me once, “As a entrepreneur it can get lonely, and if you have one bad moment you don’t just move on with the job. You can lose the whole day.” I will never forget what he said. Do you often find that you have that one day of the week where you drag extra, or just can’t get your self to start your work? I know I do.

Let’s get back to why “celebrating” is important. There is a way to lessen those lonely days you feel. If your at your job and you make mistake then move forward and celebrate the fact that you accomplished the next task at hand. If you have your own business and a nay sayer comes around pat your self on the back for sticking to your dreams. Give your self a spark, see the little successes and recognize two thing.

  1. Your mistakes lead you to understanding how something is done wrong so you can change and modify it to do what needs be done right.

  2. A big success does not usually come overnight rather it is created from many days, weeks, months, and years of smaller successes that built up to the end product.

Go celebrate the tiniest things, go enjoy taking out the trash, go find wonder in making a phone call, go make a sale, or get rejected (yes get rejected). What ever you decide to do just know that your moving one more step in the right direction.

What does this have to do with Social Media or Blogging? After 1 solid year I have 5,000 views. Not very many. I have probably put a few hundred dollars of capital into this blogging investment, and much more in time. I have made a whopping $20. At the same time I know not every blog is going to be a hit, not every video is going to be a spotlight feature, and not every piece of information will be well received. The trick is to understand that if what you are doing can help others, and provide something valuable in even one persons life then you have succeeded. Maybe you shared something on Facebook that made you Grandma smile. Maybe you made a Snapchat that made all your friends laugh.


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