First Time Flippers is “Train Wreck” Reality TV

By Brad Beckett

Have you seen DIY Network’s reality TV show First Time Flippers?  A recent story over on says these “rookies make the darnedest mistakes” while calling the show itself a “train-wreck reality TV at its finest.”  The show just began season 5 and features real-life “rookie” house flippers fumbling their way through a flip.

In the “Don’t Quit on a Sand Pit” episode, this St. Petersburg, FL, couple, who have a 3-year-old and a 6-month-old, decide they want to start flipping as a “family business.” So Liz goes out and buys a fixer-upper for $200,000, and Ray promptly quits his full-time job. That’s mistake No. 1.  “If it goes well, we go on to the next one,” says Liz. “If it doesn’t go well, we’re kind of screwed because this is our income.” Uh-oh.

Never use a crowbar on glass

So, what exactly are these rookie mistakes (lessons to be learned) being committed on national TV?

  1. Never use a crowbar on glass
  2. Never use a husband as a ladder
  3. Wear protective gear
  4. Turn off the water and power
  5. Read the instructions
  6. Measure before you start landscaping
  7. Use a wheelbarrow already
  8. When all else fails, call in the pros

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