A Techy Way to Record Everything You Do!

Do you have employees or VAs that you need to instruct? Do you also have a fairly new Windows 10 PC? If you do then you can use this little trick to save yourself time, money, and potential risk for viruses.

On your Windows 10 laptop or PC you can simply press the little windows icon & the G button simultaneously (Win + G) … When doing this a little sub bar at the bottom of your monitor screen should give you the option to record what ever it is your monitor is displaying at that time.

Here is a sample of a video I just made, it is a short instruction video on how to use WebinarJam (WebinarJam is our go to for every Webinar we do),

Simple Simple Simple!!! Did I say simple?.. I love being able to easily record right from my pc and cut down training time. I personally use this feature for some of the other companies I work with such as, Prosperity Through Real Estate, REIFA, National REIA, or various independent business owners. It is very easy to show them “how to” videos. What is the best part about this???

You guessed it! The best part is that you can make money from these videos. YouTube let’s you monetize any video you put up. Not only can you gain new clients through your videos, train employees, train VAs, but you can also collect money from it. Check out some of my other blogs for more info on YouTube & making money.

If you have any questions, simply do a quick Google search, or email me @ joshuahuddleston94@gmail.com



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