Man Gets Eaten by Shark…

You probably clicked the link thinking this would be a news article about people getting eaten by sharks. Little did you know that you have stumbled upon a little blog that may help answer some of those unanswered questions. Questions such as, “Why am I struggling financially?”, “Why am I unable to find free time?”, “Is this job ever going anywhere?”. It’s okay. Your questions will be answered.

So I have not posted in awhile… Why? Well lately I have gone crazy doing all sorts of crazy things like attending real estate events, coordinating networking meetings, and of course calling leads by the hundreds.  Just the real estate events alone can be exhausting. Let’s face it, real estate for some is like finding the X on a map. These people have their dreams and aspirations all in a chest where that X is. When they find it everything they ever dreamed of comes true. Then you have the other side of the table where real estate, or other various business fields are simply a vehicle to get you to where you want to go.

What is it you want? Are you looking to retire early and sip mimosas on the beach everyday? Are you looking for an escape into the mountains for your own private meditation session with tigers? Maybe you are simply looking for the ability to stay home with the kids for a change. Whatever it is you want you just have to pursue it. I know I make it sound simple but the fact is if you don’t pursue your dream you never will stand a change to catch it. In real estate investing we often say that a rejected offer is better than no offer.

Where was I 3 years ago? I always had dreams but those dreams have always gotten muddled in some fashion. Plan A always turned into plan A, plan B, and plan C. The plans sometimes went all the way to Z before something turned up. Usually by Z I gave up. As an Investor and Entrepreneur (14% of the entire population) it is our job to not stop at Z. It is our job to continue onto numbers, or say the alphabet backwards if need be. 3 years ago I was stuck working a part time job that I liked and gave it my all every day but I couldn’t help but think that my potential was being stifled and that my life was at a dead end. The dread of maturity and 40 more years of work loomed. I was followed from McDonalds, to Retail, to a Movie Theater. All of which wreaked with the scent of failure.

When I started working in the real estate education business and began the “ascent of Mt. Everest” I realized that the journey would be tough. To this day I am still struggling daily. So you might ask, “if you are struggling daily why should we listen to you?”. Well the fact is that in just this past year alone I have doubled my income, increased my freedom, expanded my network, and built up multiple sources of income. Between a blog, YouTube, Fiverr, Podcasts, real estate, assistant work, outsourcing, and simply understanding money I have greatly reduced my monthly cost and increased my profit.

Earlier I mentioned Mt. Everest. For me Mt. Everest is still a slippery slope and a continuous journey. Some days I feel as though my progress has exponentially grown and other days I feel like I am back at a dead end. In this life we can choose to be the fish, or be the Shark. For me, Mt. Everest is my journey and I choose to conquer. I choose to be the Shark. Your life can be the same, you can also grow dramatically. You can leave your dead end job. You can learn how to create multiple streams of income. You can also learn that “get rich quick” is not reality. Good money requires a lot of effort, but first your effort must be directed into the right place.

If you feel like a man getting eaten by a shark, just give me a call or reach out.




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