Podcast Pro – Part 2

Podcast Pro

By Joshua Huddleston

Hey guys! I wanted to leave you all with some marketing tidbits on my process of podcast creation! I will be answering a few questions, and just leaving a few bullet points on what you might need for your very own podcast!

First of all, what is a podcast?

A podcast is simply a recording of an audio that you created. Your podcast may be a recording of your sales pitch, speech, coaching call, entertainment call, or simply informative. Generally this recording would be listened to on “Itunes”. Hence “podcast”.

Podcast Pic

Here are a few things you could use to record your podcast audio:

Microphone: The top selling microphone, and most commonly used one is the Yeti Blue. I blue_836213002070_yeti_usb_microphone_black_1103930.jpgactually use one also! Check it out at: Yeti Blue  The average cost is about $150 each, but you
can get it at a discounted rate through the link. Another suggested brand is Audio Technica, Prosperity Through Real Estate uses Audio Technica for all of their meeting audio!


Headphones: Headphones are a critical when creating your podcast. Headphones will allow Audio-Technica-ATH-M50X-e1436622486282you to cancel out noise in your environment so you can focus on the audio which is being recorded through them. Headphones will prevent noise issues or audio level drops that may reduce the quality of your recording. I am a gamer at heart so the headphone I suggest are Turtle Beaches. Not only are they a wonderful headset which can plug into any device but they also have a microphone in case you want to make podcasts for a cheaper cost. If you have already done some recording and have a mic, try out these Audio Technica Headphones


Recording Software: Okay… this depends on what your goal, and needs are. I personally record just using a very basic recording program already on my computer, or on my phone. Then you can upload the recording to your host (will discuss later). A good audio editor that is free is Audacity. If you are just starting out I suggest you skip the more extensive software and stay with what is basic. You can also record video’s then separate the audio from the video. 2 birds with 1 stone! Another good one is Hipcast, similar to Audacity but cloud based.

Backup: You may want a decent little voice recorder to record you also. I use a a little Sony sony_icdpx440_icd_px440_4gb_px_series_1397360717000_1034343.jpg
Digital Recorder. 
 This helps me have a backup of my audios, and if I go to an event and catch an idea I can then go back and edit that idea into my podcast, or take note for an upcoming written blog!

All in all you can get started with these basics, and slowly but surely build up your recordings to be put on Itunes! Be sure to read part 1 for info on how to put your podcast, or recording onto Itunes!



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