Latest Social Media Trends:

Latest Social Media Trends:

So, what are some of the newest things to hit our Social Media world and what might give you a cutting-edge advantage with your marketing?

A few new things such as Instagram Stories which is on the rise with 100 million active users soon after its release. (TechCrunch) Or Facebooks fancy new upgrades to its messenger system will make it that much easier to slide into potential clients DM’s.

What do these new features mean to the various Social Media competitors such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook?

Competition is going to grow rampantly! Especially the competition between Snapchat with its lifelong info of Buzzfeed entertainment and Instagram’s new stories which provide a more in depth look into people’s lives. Instagram still has 600 Active users compared to Snapchats 158 million active users based on last year’s statistics, but that only means Snapchat is going to up their game. Both are still no comparison to Facebook which has somewhere around 2 billion users. Even with Facebooks drastic edge over the other Social Media platforms we do expect to see a major upgrade to their messaging features to maybe knock out Snapchat?

Ding* Ding* Ding* Fights Over! At least that is what Facebook is hoping with its almost monopolizing actions against the other platforms.

Why do those statistics matter to us? Why do we care who gets the shiniest new toy?


The fact is if you look above at the number of active users you are also looking at massive marketing potential. If you were to invest a certain budget into

fb1the Social Media world (disclaimer, I am not by any means a financial adviser) then I would bet your buck on Facebook. Facebook is continually transforming and is also so healthy as a company they are buying up other companies such as Oculus rift! Oculus is one of the most up and coming Virtual Reality platforms available on the market with a recent price drop of $2
00. Not only would Facebook be a good potential stock investment, but with the implementation of Virtual Reality videos, advertising, etc. they take the gold cup. So let’s bullet the obvious:

2 Billion Active Users

An advertising platform with very diverse targeting capability

Person 2 Person Private Messaging for ease of contacts

Private groups

A business page which is easily integrated into your personal profile

A healthy wallet (which means they won’t be going bye-bye like the vine)

Investments in future tech (which means they will have the ability to implement upcoming marketing tools)

If I forgot anything regarding Facebook please feel free to comment below and let me know your take on things!

Next, in 2nd place I would say that Instagram is your best bet for marketing capability. A couple of my favorite apps on my phone is ig-1Photofunia, or Wordswag which complement Instagram highly. Why is Instagram great? It takes the photos from these apps, or my phone and can take them to the next level by sharing them with all my followers, or sending them via a group or single person message much like Snapchat or Facebook. Instagram has a wonderful story board that I personally think is better than Facebook considering it has live broadcast, videos, and photos. What do I like about it even more? No advertisements! I think that though Facebook is a wonderful platform for the marketer it is not so great for the consumer. Instagram has all the bonuses and though advertisements are slowly trending upwards they still are only about 10% of what comes across my eyes as I scroll.

A Few tricks for Instagram:

Hyperlapse for creating time lapse videos

Layout for collage images

Boomerang for looping short videos



Giphy Cam

Snapseed & VSCO (which are great for investors to get higher quality images of their projects)

Without going into heavy numbers, or techy detail, Instagram has many active users and a lot of potential to make money and interact in a positive way with your clients. I would suggest using Instagram as a way to maintain the clients you currently are working with. Maybe (with permission) add your buyers to an Instagram business page, or even to your personal if it is work oriented. Nothing brightens my day more than when I open up Instagram and see positive pictures and great quotes from people that I love doing business with.

The 3rd, and most favorite among the younger crowd is Snapchat

I won’t spend to much time on Snapchat since I am not really sure myself of where it maySnapchat 1.png be headed. I have spoken to some investors who think Snapchat is the bee’s knees. I have spoken to other investors who are a bit older who say “Snap What?”. I personally do not use Snapchat for business but I do have some friends on there who are Real Estate Investors, and what do ya know? One of my friends sold a house through  Snapchat just the other day. So with that being said… If your niche includes a younger generation and is more prone to be “hip” with the techy stuff then  Snapchat would be a good candidate for you to use. From a financial point of view, unlike Instagram or Facebook Snapchat is broke as far as profit goes. They have saved their pennies and are going public by May 2017 which hopefully will greatly increase their active user count. If you have been contemplating Snapchat already, or use it. Keep using it. There is no harm in having some of your current projects, or clients stored in your memories.




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