New Year Special Edition 2017

Alright folks, today we are taking a break from our usual series on how to get rich using Social Media. What we are going to focus on is your Social Media “touches” for this week only (you should always be contacting, and supporting your network but this week it is extra important).

I am going to keep it short and sweet so you have time to generate more action. What you need to do is get your name out there. The first week of the year is when people are most amped for change. Maybe the guy down the street wants to list his house or the lady next door needs a new plumber to fix that pesky toilet she complained about all year. Odds are that people are looking to accomplish some sort of goal if not many!

How do you know who has what goal? #Hashtag #Hashtag #Hashtag.

Go on all of your Social Media sites, which ever you prefer. Your goal is to start searching by keywords for your industry! Throw in a new keyword such as, New Year, or resolution. See if you are able to pin point people who are looking to make change.

If your niche is somewhat unique and you do not find much in the way of #Hashtags or any keywords then DO NOT give up. Often times people do not know what they need until you let them know. People are looking for guidance and the next best thing. Go ahead and message your friends happy new year. Hire a kid from  down the block to sit on your computer for a few hours tweeting, messaging, etc. The point is to reach as many people in your network as possible.

Another way to wish your network a wonderful new year is by creating a short video. Everyone loves videos, you can send one through messengers or post to peoples walls. Your video does not have to be pitchy but rather it must relate with your audience on goal setting. Explain briefly why your service can help them create a awesome new year!

So that’s all for my new years pitch… Go contact as many people as possible via Social Media. Make the “touches” personal to build rapport with each individual in your network. Let them know why they need your service!



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