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Your flight landed, the heavy guy next to you crushed you for approximately three and a half hours. Your head is exploding from that gosh awful elevator feeling when you ascend and descend. Guess what? It’s time to get off the plane! As you step off the plane you may start to think about how you have already setup your Facebook, created a couple videos, invited all your friends, but now what?

You climb into your Uber, and start to ponder potential solutions.

The next step in your Facebook marketing is not just rolling out your content, but also boosting your page reach.  By now you should be familiar with your page layout and where everything is. I would say that you need about 10 content posts, and roughly 200 page likes before worrying about boosting a post, or running a page like campaign. Why? The last thing you want to do is gain a bunch of page likes then lose their interest early on. We want to keep the ball rolling.

First, we must be sure that you are prepared to create an ad or boost a post. If you did not setup your ad funding source when you created your page be sure to do so now. You can easily add a bank account, or credit card by going to the ad manager found on the upper right hand corner of your Facebook screen. If you do not do this prior to boosting a post or creating a page, then your ad’s and boosts will not work.


Once you go to the Ad Manager you can very easily access your billing and payment methods by clicking the Facebook tab on the upper left side of the screen.

Now that we are setup lets keep that ball rolling. We should boost our post’s and get a higher reach percentage, hopefully our reach will translate into butt’s in seats, new clients, or new referrals. Clicking the promote button on the lower left side is one simple way to see some of your options to increase your page likes, follows, and reach.


Once you click the button you should get a pop up that give you some straight forward options. Each one of these options can provide you with a unique way to promote your business. Each one of the pages I manage have slightly different options depending on the audience, or extent of my marketing that I have done prior. We will use the Build Your Business option as an example but note yours may be slightly different.

Let us discuss these options in more detail by starting with Building your business. Building your business has a few different options in the left-hand side. These options will be the general options you are given for every single ad or boost you decide to promote.  Your options include physical distance from a set point, age range, or based on interests. The right side is what will vary mostly depending on the type of ad you are running. The right side is what the ad will look like to your audience.


Once you set the promotion for which ever length and cost you choose then everything is done. What’s next? Just wait for your new promotion to rake in new sellers or buyers. Is it as simple as it sounds? I am going to be blunt… NO. You will not see results doing this for a minimum of 6 months. If you see good results prior to that then don’t complain. I have heard multiple testimonials regarding Facebook ads. Some people had luck within a week and just a couple of hundred dollars, other had luck after 6 months and multiple hundreds of dollars.

The fact is Facebook is about keeping the flow going and engaging your audience. Another way to engage your audience is by boosting posts. Boosting post’s is like the “promote” button. On each individual post, there will be a boost button on the lower right hand side. This boost button will allow you to boost events, posts, pictures, videos, etc. I am not including an example picture for this one since it is so easy to find, and if you have trouble feel free to ask!

That’s all for today folks, simple, short, and easy. Make sure to keep that content rolling and keep those promotions going! It’s all a numbers game. The more you put into the content and ads the more that will come out.


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