Update: Jack’s Progress

Since you have been reading my blog on how important video creation is then you must wonder why I don’t create my own? Part of what I do is help promote others in making videos of their own! I prefer to work with others on their projects and see them progress. In the meantime, I just write it all out!

The new video series I am working on is called JackWants2Recycle…  Famous author, Jack Dunsmoor has been mentioned a couple of times in my previous blogs and is well known for supporting Gay rights #Activism & Promoting support for kids in need of help and education.

Jack did the video editing and creation (best job I have ever seen) and together we setup his YouTube channel and started making money from the videos! This is what I want each and every one of you to do!

Here is the 1st of his new video series,

If you enjoyed his 1st video feel free to drop a like or comment, or check out his book @ OK2BG


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