Social Media in Depth Series: Making a Pile of Money on Facebook Part 2

Alright. You are sitting there in some airport on your way to your next big business meeting that you have been thinking about for the past 6 months. While waiting, you started reading my blog because you were bored. You may have even boarded the plane already and are wishing for a pillow to cram in-between you and the guy next to you. Maybe the baby a few rows up could use a couple shots of whiskey or some chloroform. Just then, you happen to stumble upon Making a Pile of Money on Facebook Part 1.

After reading about creating Facebook profiles & having a couple of them at your disposal you should be ready to move on. The next step involves creating a single Facebook business page. Your page will be the 2nd to last stop for your audience to be driven to. Essentially, your Facebook page is a culmination of likes from the friends throughout your network. I personally have 3 different Facebook accounts, and I drive all of my audience into one single page. Currently, that page has 1400 likes, an average of 4,000 reach per week, a growth rate of no less than 25%a per month. We call this the FAST TRACK (toll pass required).

You might be asking yourself, “well how do I get a 25% increase in followers a month?”. Let’s start with developing your page. Facebook makes it super simple to know where to start once you create a page.

Let’s begin,

Step 1:

FB Page 5.png

You will find the “create a page” button on the lower left side of your Facebook dashboard. Simply click it and provide to Step 2.

Step 2:

FB Page 1.png



After clicking create a page Facebook provides you with a very simple and straightforward walk through. In this example, we chose “Local Business or Place”. Feel free to pick any option that best fits your business. Continue the walk-through adding in each piece of content that Facebook asks for. Note: If you skip the next few steps the you will still have to do it later. I suggest getting the content filled as quick as possible for the fastest page building.

Step 3: 


Here is your page! For example, purposes I left my page blank, but be assured my other pages are FILLED with content and goodies including pictures, posts, invites, messages, and so much more. Continue building your page by following the tips on the right side of the example picture.

Step 4:

FB Page 4.png

Now, once your page is filled up with all the base info, it is time to start inviting friends! Go up to the more tab. Once you drop down the more tab you have 2 options in the middle of the drop down box. Your two options are “invite friends” and “suggest page”. Those two buttons are the key ingredient in growing your page.

Guess what? Now that you did all of that you are done with creating, and getting your page started! By no means are you done working. Maintaining a page is constant work. Be sure to read my other blogs for tips & tricks on content creation. Your page is now a wall of content for all your “likers”. I spend an average of 1 hour per day on each page adding new friends from my multiples of accounts. I then use certain software such as Hootsuite to manage my posts, and post to all my pages at the same time.

The next path of having a page would be event creation. We will cover event creation in our next part of Social Media in Depth Series: Making a Pile of Money on Facebook so stay tuned!


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