A Trustworthy Source

In today’s day and age it is much harder to find  reliable resources for information. A lot of false knowledge through corrupt media, lack of factual websites, over bias opinionated blogs, and misleading marketing has really made it tough to find useful info. In our industry of Real Estate Investing we have to be aware of various laws, contracts, and credible partners. How do you find the trust worthy resources? Join your local REIA! REIA stands for Real Estate Investor Association. Here is what Los Angeles REIA founder, Steve Love has to say;

The Many Benefits of Joining A Real Estate Club

Although there are certainly many reasons to join a Real Estate Club, aka REIA (Real Estate Investor Association), the biggest reasons are certainly for Education, Networking, Team Building and even for fun.

The good news is that these groups of like minded folks are easy to find.  Chances are that if you live near a city of any size, there will be one or even several groups there.  Just go to your favorite search engine like Google or Yahoo or Bing and type in “real estate investment club” and your city.  You’ll find plenty.  Or simply go to Nationalreia.com. – Steve Love

Read the rest of Steve Love’s Article at: https://www.prosperitythroughrealestate.com/Article.aspx?ID=The-Many-Benefits-of-Joining-A-Real-Estate-Club




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