Social Media In Depth Series: Making a Pile of Money on Facebook Part 1

Facebook is a unique Social Media platform, and a leading innovator in the Social Media industry. I often refer to it first in my other blog posts because it is undoubtedly my favorite. Facebook started in 2004 which was only one year after its former competitor Myspace. Facebook really started taking the lead in the Social Networking industry clobbering smaller competitors in 2006. The merge with Microsoft didn’t hurt.


On October 24, 2007, Microsoft announced that it had purchased a 1.6% share of Facebook for $240 million, giving Facebook a total implied value of around $15 billion.[43] Microsoft’s purchase included rights to place international advertisements on the social networking site –  BusinessWeek. New York. 2008

Now that you have a little background let us get to the grit of why Facebook matters now (for more history about Facebook check out The Social Network),

Facebook has many features to help us make money such as, business pages, groups, personal profiles, ad promotions, friends, updates, news, interest based content, messengers, events, videos, etc… I could go on for days! In this blog series, I will be teaching you how to leverage five unique money making features available on Facebook. The first of the five will be about Facebook profiles exclusively. As you learn the basics Facebook will become easier and even a part of your daily business procedures.

Facebook Profile(s):


The first of our topics is the most basic… Your Facebook profile is gold! You MUST take care of your Facebook profile, and learn how to maneuver it. When you create your account on Facebook you will automatically have a Facebook profile. You must add in a profile picture, some info about yourself, and you can also tailor the info however you want to be perceived. Note: I use the word perceive because the people viewing your profile may only know you by what your Facebook profile says.

You want your Facebook profile to be yours. Do not worry so much about your target audience for this profile, focus on showing who you are as a person, your hobbies, your character, your career, your family, your experiences, and focus on just showing real genuineness. You will want to make your profile friendly and appropriate for all audiences.

Once you page is setup with everything you want (or if it already was) you can begin to build your friends list! Add as many people as you want. Many people use their Facebook for family and friends. I believe limiting your reach while also saying you are a business entrepreneur is unproductive. If you choose to keep your Facebook private go ahead. This next step will be much more important for those of you that do. For those of you who are willing to make adding as many people as possible a game, you already won.

For example, once you add 1,000 people to your friends list aside from family and friends, you have multipled your reach 10x. Let us pause there…

Unpause:  it’s time for my favorite expression, wash, rinse, and repeat. Now that you have your base profile you are ready to engage all of your friends. Reply to your friends, post some articles, engage, like a bunch of other people’s pages, and join some groups. Get your name out there. Once you have built up a decent friends list, and done some engagement it’s time to create another Facebook profile. You can do this with another email. Now that you are accustomed to how Facebook works you will want to create your new profile the same as your first one but gear all your content towards the audience you are attempting to reach.

Is your audience full of buyers or is your audience mostly sellers?  Maybe your audience more niched to first time home buyers? Create your second profile to mimic that of the audience you are trying to reach. Then, (insert favorite expression here, wash, rinse, and repeat) fill your friends list! If you are looking for sellers you can also, join groups, add friends, like pages that relate to people who want to sell. How do you recognize sellers as opposed to just normal “joe’s”? Example, a perfect Facebook group to join would be F.S.B.O of L.A. where you can be sure homeowners are looking to sell via that Facebook group! If your audience is primarily buyers you may want to like a page called, We Want to Buy L.A. (also an example).

After your first Facebook account, it may be a tedious procedure to add thousands of people, like hundreds of pages, and join dozens of groups. This is where your primary Facebook comes in handy. You want your main Facebook account to oversee the groups and pages you will be in control of (will be discussed later in the series). Your secondary profiles will also be a part of these pages and groups but with limited access. This will enable you to hire Virtual Assistants, or an in-office assistant to do all the work of adding, liking, joining, and engaging your friends. Once this is done you can wash rinse repeat!

Once you have your primary profile setup, and your secondary, we are ready to dig a little deeper under the surface. Our next blog in the series will discuss creating a Facebook page. Facebook pages will be the first step in monetizing your business by marketing your content.

See you next time, Joshua Huddleston


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