A Little Tech Rant…OR A BIG Tech Rant…

DISCLAIMER: Alright, for you Real Estate Investors who could care less about Technology now would be a great time for you to leave the page… For those of you who are more inclined to wrap your head around some more hardware tech based stuff feel free to stick around.

Technology happens, it’s not good, it’s not bad. Is steel good or bad? – Andy Grove, Visionary Innovator

I am looking to upgrade my laptop hardware. Currently I have an outdated laptop. I run a 4 year old Lenovo Y580 with a Intel 4th Gen I7 Processor with a 2.6hz processing speed and a boost of up-to 3.0hz. With some modification and overclocking I have gotten my processor to run at a smooth 3.2hz. Not terrible. I have a NVIDIA 660M graphics card with 2gb of dedicated ddr3 memory. I also have 16gb of ddr3 (at a slow 1600dimm). For storage I am running a 7200rpm 1tb HDD, and a pathetic 28gb SSD for boot (If you have a major head ache and want to tear your eyes out refer back to my disclaimer).

As for “perks” I have an internal Bluetooth adapter (which hardly works), blue-ray player (which may be the cream of the dream here), and and HDMI port. Those were High-End perks back in the day and sadly only basic necessities of life now.

SO what is the issue? I spend hours (DAYS, MONTHS, YEARS) looking for a replacement laptop that is better than what I have but still mid range on the pricing. I found a good little MSI with a 6th gen I7 that runs a native 3.0hz processing speed. It has a VR ready 1060GTX graphics card with 3gb of dedicated DDR5 ram. The laptop ramĀ  comes stock with 16gb of DDR4 (2100 so-dimm). It has a 1tb Internal at 7200 rpm + a 128gb SSD. Not bad, it has a Thunder bolt port, USB type C, multiple USB 3,0, Bluetooth, and the works.

How much is this laptop? $1500.


Inevitably Intel had to go and announce their new 7th Gen chipset called KABY Lake (Dumb Name) as opposed to the current Skylake. Only thing Intel is going to have is a very “KRABY CUSTOMER”. Do I care about being outdated? My ego sure does… but of course as a technology buff I do not mind being outdated for awhile knowing that it’s impossible to keep up. I am upset since the new chip will drop the price of what I finally decided on drastically!

What is a tech to do??

For more great information on the new Intel Chip Set Read Here: KABY LAKE




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