Social Media: A Video Frenzy

Hey! So, you must have gotten here because you needed some techy tips?! Well, I promise I won’t disappoint you as much as I disappointed my ex! Just kidding…
We often hear in the small business world that marketing is the KEY ingredient to being successful. The frequent question that usually follows is, “well, how do I get started?”. One of the first steps I suggest is recording videos for your Social Media! Maybe you would like to have a live webinar using webinar marketing giants, WebinarJam, and Gotomeeting. Maybe you would prefer more simple streaming platforms such as Periscope, Hangouts, Facebook live, or YouTube. For now, let’s start with a classic video.
You might be thinking, “Josh… I am camera shy! I can’t let people see my face, or hear my voice, or or….!”.
Stop! Stop right there! It’s okay no one must see you. The main reason for the video is to pull the audio content from your videos and put it on your Social Media accounts! Remember content is king. Yes, unfortunately people must hear your voice, but if you are real skittish even audio is something that we can skip. Video creation is a simple way for ANYONE with the fear of getting started to act now and start.
Here are a few simple steps to get you through your video fears,
Step 1: Decide on some content your audience would want to hear in your Social Media video. Keep it short, sweet, and simple. Pretend you are talking to a 5-year-old. do NOT talk down to your audience but remember most people’s attention span is only about 2 minutes!
Step 2: Just do it! No… Not like Shia LaBeouf. There is no reason to get crazy. All I am saying is pull out your phone and start recording yourself. 1, or 2 minutes is perfect! If it makes you feel better, you can buy one of those little phone tripods. The point is for you to just start.
Step 3: Once you are done with your 1 or 2-minute video go ahead and upload your new video to YouTube. If your camera shy, hit private before you publish. The private button will be on the right side of the publish page options. Your other options are, public, and unlisted. Unlisted means that you MUST share your video for your video to be seen by others. Your video is unfindable through a YouTube search. If your voice shy, leave your video private! No worries… The point is that your content is created.
Step 4: Still afraid to make your video public? Great! Transcribe your video, and make a sweet short Social Media post, simple website blog, or email blast with the transcription from your video! Some simple sites like, TunesToTube will do this for you.
Not only did you just create audio content, video content, and written content for all your Social Media accounts, but you also just took the first step in expanding your marketing ability. What now? Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
Social Media Video Alternatives,

The Snapchat application for Android & Apple lets you create an extremely simple 30 second pitch, or video of what you are doing. Snapchat is not just a “video creator” but also a Social Media platform. I personally do not use Snapchat frequently for my investing, or marketing business because the audience I am targeting is NOT as Snapchat friendly. For you, it may make sense. If your Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat audience is primarily 1st time home buyers, or emerging investors then Snapchat is a good option. You can take your 30 second “snap” of you showing a house, interviewing a seller, talking to a buyer, or discussing a deal.


Instagram, another very simple video capable Social Media platform. Instagram has a similar video recording feature as Snapchat but is favorable over Snapchat for the real estate industry since you can easily share your Instagram posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Instagram also allows you to build a following of raving fans (History Lesson: Raving Fans, a term frequently used by my favorite network marketer, Casey Eberhart).  You follow, or have followers that can view your video and your videos will also be put into a “search category” where people can view your real estate marketing material through hashtags & keywords.



Finally, leave it to the Vine… Vine is an awesome Social Media platform founded by Twitter that focuses on all genres of videos. Vine can connect to your Facebook friends, and Twitter followers allowing you to easily create larger exposure in the real estate industry, or among your growing list. Not only does Vine give you video creation but it has a unique feature that allows you to record, then edit in another tidbit of recording. I suggest checking it out, but hurry rumor has it Twitter will be shutting it down soon!


Alright, so let’s be real for a couple of minutes… Are you going to use half of what I told you here today? The answer is NO… All I must say to you is, take one thing away. I want you to take just one thing from this blog and go create some video content! Not only are there free tools from just a simple camera on your phone to sophisticated webinar software, but you can also use every single one of these Social Media platforms as support. No Excuses now, go create some videos!


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