7 Upcoming RE Tech Companies Storming the Nation

In the Real Estate Investment industry our goal is to automate a marketing platform and generate leads. We all know that your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd deal is just a numbers game. We frequently look for new technology to help us find this “miracle technology”.  We often use CRM software such as Salesforce or Infusionsoft. In other cases we use web based lead search or comp sites such as Zillow or Redfin. The question is, what other companies are out there looking to make it into the Real Estate Technology industry?

The Real Estate Technology industry needs some Steroids; innovation that will pave the way for creative solutions to investor problems. From virtual viewing using such programs as simple as Google Hangouts, or YouTube Air to property listing, lease management, and even crowdfunding on other websites such as REIFA.org or Unitinginvestors.org. Take a look at these other seven real estate companies that are making waves in the market stream.

#1 – VTS

A New York based company, this startup made short work of raising $84 million and has asserted its status as the most well-funded startup in commercial real estate tech. VTS utilizes a platform for asset management and leasing, providing landlords and brokerage firms with real-time analytics. VTS currently manages over 3 billion square feet of real estate.

#2 – AgentDesks

AgentDesks is an inventive app, combining a networking space with a strong CRM for agents; this makes interaction with other agents and management of relationships and contacts more painless than ever before. Serving as a mobile workstation, AgentDesks facilitates information management and how agents handle prospects and projects.

#3 – RealtyShares

Uniting real estate investors and borrowers, RealtyShares enables operators, fix-and-flippers, and developers to seek project funding all over the country through its platform. The company boasts a network of over 25,000 investors, whom all have access to these deals.

#4 – LiquidSpace

Concentrating on startups and businesses that require office space, this company facilitates setting up shop and makes it possible to do so in hours rather than weeks. LiquidSpace matches those looking for new digs with those who have space, and even aids in the payment and leasing details.

#5 – Town Residential

A luxury real estate services firm based out of New York, TOWN Residential has risen to the pinnacle of the city’s real estate landscape in just five years. Taking home the accolade for Best Firm to Work For and blasting into the Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York City, TOWN Residential sets a new standard for quality within the industry, through their many NYC apartments for rent and sale.

#6 – HighTower

Established in 2015, this inventive management platform utilizes the cloud to unite all sides of the commercial leasing process. The company makes it possible for several parties to evaluate data and collaborate on real-time decisions.

#7 – Rentlytics

A startup out of San Francisco, this company delves into the multi-family real estate market to facilitate the assessment of investment data through its simple interface. The Rentlytics dashboard comprises tools for revenue analysis and maximization, as well as performance indication.

There you have it: seven companies that cut the frills and are simplifying the lives of real estate organizations and professionals. Not all may finish the marathon, but their contributions alone have made for some exciting new products.


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