Facebook Live in Action: Now!

I created a very short & simple Facebook live video right from my phone of the website that I help administrate! How cool is this that? We can post video so easily right from our phones, at home, while on the go, or even while driving! (just kidding, do not Facebook live and drive).

Check  out my latest (not while driving) Facebooklive video here: My Facebook Live

Why is this important to you?

Not only was I able to create some real simple, informational content but I also was able to save and place my video every where! That video is floating around multiple social media platforms! How cool! What is the best part? Since this video was uploaded to YouTube I have the ability to monetize it! YES that video is pulling in pennies! You might wonder what the big deal about that is? I will tell you… After 50 or so videos those pennies will start to add up!

The best part is actually prior to the upload. When you go live your whole Facebook friends list can see what you are up to! If you have those nagging family members, or negative nancy friends telling you that you can’t do it, show them that you can!

Be sure to check out my Facebook live video now, and then go create your own!


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