Social Media: ALL! No EXCUSES! ALL of Them!

Which Social Media platform should you use to grow your real estate investment business? The answer: all of them! There is absolutely no reason for you to not use every single social media platform for your marketing. If you asked me what industry I am in, I would not tell you real estate I would tell you that I am in the marketing industry. One of the keys to being a great real estate entrepreneur is to have your name everywhere. As discussed in some of my previous blogs, credibility is key. Today I am going to give you some tips and tools on how you can have multiple Social Media accounts not only across the different platforms such as, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram but also to have multiple accounts on each platform.

Let’s discuss the elephant in the blog… Automation. You need to automate your Social Media platforms using software tools like IFTTT, HootsuiteBufferSproutSocialHubSpotSocial Oomph and Social Flow. The goal is to have all your Social Media platforms work together as a single marketing entity rather than as individual accounts. This includes uniform published posts, audience engagement, and audience follow up. Each tool will have its own unique features but overall they will help you put out more content that is relevant to real estate investing.

A Couple of Tools for Your Automation

One of the web based software tools I HIGHLY suggest for you to look at is,  If This Then That is a great free to start web tool that will automate part of your business, it is not a Customer Relations Management (CRM) but rather just a way to float different ideas and content to your audience, then connect the content to different social media platforms for you.

For example,


Not only will IFTTT give you combinations of what to do with your content but you can have an unlimited amount of recipes you can create. Such as, create a YouTube video then send out an Email to your MailChimp list. Then you can have it set to If Email goes out post to Facebook. Chain automation is a key to your freedom of time. Let the system work for you instead of you working for the system.


Another software source for you to automate your social media is Hootsuite. Hootsuite a CRM unlike IFTTT. The reason I am explaining Hootsuite a little more in depth is just so you can start with one tool, and turn it into your fast ball for social media. Hootsuite is very well rounded with different capabilities such as engagement, publishing, analytics, and mobile extensions. Hootsuite also gives you the ability to curate other works that may be relevant to your topic. For example, Hootsuite gives you the option to discover suggested content that you’re interested in based on keywords such as Real-estate, Investor, and Rehabs. Curating other Investors blogs, or content helps you keep current. Boasting about others Investors will also earn you an A+ with them (Talking up others is also an awesome Social Networking technique)!


Scheduling Your Social Media

Now that we have a couple of highlighted tools to help you automate your Social Media, let’s talk about your calendar. You can use marketing Calendar software such as, CoSchedule, Markodojo, Divvyhq, or Trello. The more simple to use would be the last mentioned, Trello. Trello also offers a free to use system which may be good if you are just starting out. For those of you that are blog and social media masters already you may want to look at Divvyhq which is much more in depth and designed for heavy scheduling and organization.

Why is it important to have your social media on a calendar? It is great to have certain articles targeted at certain audiences, or to know which article is going to which social media platform or social media account. For instance, if you have a Facebook account created specifically to have a buyers list then you may want to schedule out your posts for that account, on a certain day such as a Saturday evening prior to all the open houses on Sunday!

Old School Chatter

Even though having a good system to prioritize your social media and help you get you content out we cannot forget such an important aspect of any business. Relationships. Relationships and building rapport with your audience is what will most dramatically grow your business and social media presence. As a fellow real estate investor and master marketer I highly suggest that even after you have these great social media tools working for you that you still take an hour out of your day to talk with your audience. Reply to some posts, answer questions, send messages, wish your friend a happy birthday. Just 10 minutes on each social media platform should do the trick and show everyone how much you care.


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