Rehabbing Your Social Media: Flip Your Social Media into A Lead Generation Machine for Real Estate Investors


So you want to learn about real estate investing? Are you overwhelmed with where to start? Are you puzzled with what questions you should ask?

As a tip I would start with googling a few simple questions such as,

cracked-facebook-logo-300x300    Are there any local Real Estate Meetups?

minitwitWho does real estate investing in the local area?

Linkdlnmini.pngHow do I start real estate investing?

These are some common questions I hear most frequently when someone calls my office. So, what do people usually find after a quick google search? They find that all hope is lost… I am Just kidding!

They usually find that there are at least a couple local real estate clubs they can got to. REIA Clubs are great for networking, and becoming more informed on the latest tricks of the trade. Many people get discouraged when they look at the prospect of taking on real estate investing alone. This is why going to clubs and surrounding your self with forward thinking individuals like yourself is so important.

Really, there is always hope and support in the real estate investing world! Our main goal for any hopeful new investor is that they manage to get in touch with their local REIA. (Real Estate Investors Association)

For an example of what a REIA looks like check the National REIA directory for your local Real Estate Association Click Here: FIND A REIA (

Now for the meat of our subject, or for you vegans we have the tofu of our subject, Social Media! Let us fast forward a few months after you find your local REIA. You found a few connections, you went to a few classes and, you now have an idea of a niche you want to try out. Maybe you want to whole sale, or flip, or rehab, but how do you let everyone else know what you are doing? How on earth are you going to generate leads?

The Answer is Social Media! For learning purposes, I suggest you go through setting up a social media platform yourself, then for each additional niche you take on have a Virtual Assistant wash, rinse, and repeat the process for you.

What type of leads can we generate with Social Media?

  • Buyer Leads
  • Seller Leads
  • Foreclosure Leads
  • Vacancy Leads
  • Commercial Leads
  • Single Family Residence Leads
  • Agent Leads

Social media banner.jpg

The list could go on of what kind of lists we could build… on… and on…. Let us continue,

What different social media platforms are there for you to generate these leads? We have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many more! For the sake of time we will not list all the platforms today. For more info you can check out my blog at JH Teknical, or wait for my next weekly Tuesday blog post here at, Still not sure where to start? My suggestion for you, especially if you are a beginner is to start with  Facebook. I suggest Facebook because it is a very simple well known social media platform. Not only does Facebook have millions of average uses, but it also has a very large percentage of real-estate professionals.

I have a Facebook group that you Can See Here:  ForRentSFV (

This particular group that I run helps me build my buyers list. As you can see I have a list of 1200 potential buyers. Among that list I have various real estate professionals such as agents, brokers, loan officers, and several other types of investors. As for a Seller List, on that same group all of my sellers post what they have! Yes, OWNERS post their inventory on there for you! That is just the very first layer of list building through Facebook, and Facebook groups.

Once you have Facebook set up, there is another powerful platform you want to take a look at. Our next social media platform is very well known in Hollywood, and may even bring out the star in you! I am of course talking about Twitter, perhaps you have heard of it? Cheesy jokes aside, how can twitter bring you and your Real Estate Investment company fame, fortune and glory?

One of the keys of marketing, networking, and relationship building is what we call “touches”. No, not touches in a Bill Cosby sense. Touches, as in keeping in contact with your fans! Twitter is key in keeping your business in the lime light. It can also be leveraged to improve your website or blogs SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is something we will go over in future blogs here, so be sure to check back for a more in depth post, but for now here is the spark notes version.

Something we will go over in future blogs will be SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Twitter often comes up at the top of Google and the more times your companies name is mentioned, the more likely your potential sellers, buyers, or fellow investors will see what you do! Why does it matter if everyone in the universe see’s your name? Your name being everywhere gives you credibility!

Now that we have discussed building lists with a simple Facebook technique, As well as how to Build Credibility with a simple Tweet, let us discuss our last social media platform for today.


LinkedIn, let’s make this short and simple… Linkedln is essentially a Facebook for professionals. Here you can post your deals if you are a wholesaler. You can find other investors who may need bird dogs a term referring to someone who goes and finds deals, not actually a bird mixed with a dog. LinkedIn is phenomenal for getting good exposure with other investors. You can post what your current investment experience is and maybe even get deals, or resources handed straight to you with little or no effort on your part. One of the main things I like about Linkdln is that others can “endorse” your personal skills. This is a valuable asset to have in building credibility because everyone in your network is basically giving you a free testimonial. Linkdln also has a premium program you may want to check out when you grow and expand your business.

I get asked all the time, how to most effectively leverage social media for their investment business. If you started reading this blog with zero clue about social media, I hope I accomplished my goal in giving you a place to start. For those who are more involved with the social media world I assure you that our future posts will go much more in depth on certain topics. Please feel free to ask questions and leave comments of what you would like to know more about!

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