Joe McCall, Coming To Prosperity Through Real Estate

I wanted to post this for my followers to see some of the work we do here at JH Teknical.  One of the many companies I work with is called Prosperity Through Real Estate. Prosperity Through Real Estate is a Real Estate education company dedicated to providing the best support and education regarding Real Estate Investing.

You may ask, what does this have to do with technology?!

“Here at JH Teknical our main goal is to provide real estate investors, entrepreneurs, and small business owners a fundamental understanding of using technology to market their product, and services” – Founder of JH Teknical, Joshua Huddleston


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ – Click this and see what happens!!!

Prosperity Through Real Estate is currently having a website change which includes a registration system for each event. This also includes a membership portal and member only content. Many small businesses have very basic websites, or blogs and think that they are set. Prosperity needed something larger, more broader scope. They now have the ability to sell books, courses, and provide webinar consultations just through their site.

Not only does their site offer such great benefits to learn about real estate investing, but it also gives you the ability to create your very own website! Cool right?

Remember my blog post about creating a video blog or “Vlog”?, Found Here: Tech Tips

Well here is a YouTube that does just that, but Prosperity Through Real Estate had their speaker create it!

Check it out Here: JoeMcCall

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Will show you exactly why it is SO important to just DO IT!

To Stay Up to date with the real estate investor realm, and up and coming technology tips stay tuned for our next blog, and if you have more questions regarding how Prosperity developed such an in depth site, and got such simple videos up so quick, just ask!




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