Networking Riches With Casey Eberhart

**BONUS JUST ADDED** I know this is a 1 day event BUT on Sunday for those that wish, I will be running a full day Mastermind event but you MUST have attended Saturday. This is ONLY for people attending the main event.

**You will be sent a copy of the video created! All sessions will be taped and sent to you, making this awesome even if you can not attend live!

The last time we did this event we sold out….. We will SELL OUT!


The problem is most people are not making ANY money from networking and it is about time that STOPS!

Come to this event and you will never have that problem again! We will teach you how to spot, connect with and follow up with POI’s (People Of Influence)

I am so excited about having you this LIVE event! The last time we did this event people loved it!  This event will be like NONE other!  This event will be talked about for the content and value as well as the overall experience that you will be a part of!

The event is 1 full day of Networking Riches!  So here is the deal, we will be building your brand and your network from the ground up!

We will be discussing evaluating, identifying, building, marketing to and promoting your network!

This will be semi hands on!

You will come away from this event with:

$~Mindset shift to increase your networking profits!

$~A facebook photo for you to use how you see fit

$~The RIGHT places to network (and where to avoid)

$~A written plan on building your network

$~A written avatar on your ideal client

$~Ways to build your ideal network of people, prospects, influencers and clients!

$~Simple formula to use at EVERY networking event!

$~Messaging to your network!

$~How to be positioned for maximum exposure and profit

$~A whole new way of networking for profit!


This event is my heart and soul put into teaching you the skill of networking for maximum profit in your business.  We will discuss leverage, mindset, creating your message, marketing your message and building the most VALUABLE asset you can have….. your NETWORK!

If you are building a home based business or a brick and mortar business, then this IS for YOU!

I have spent years perfecting this content and if you do not feel you get 10 times what you invest, let me know and I will cut you a check no questions asked!

You do feel you are worth it, don’t you??

Grab a ticket before we sell out, Here: NETWORKINGRICHES I believe we will be full very quickly!

Give your business the shot in the arm it needs!

See you at the event!

We only have 50 spots TOTAL!



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