Is There Such A Thing As Blogging Equipment?

So you want to make a video for your Social Media, huh chump? What makes you think you have the right equipment to create a video, tough guy? Do you have a pen? I bet you don’t! Oh… Wait you do have a pen? Okay, well I bet you don’t have a notepad! What?! Impossible! You have a note pad to?

I guess you are much more prepared than I had anticipated, but keep in mind there is always more you can do to spice up your written blog or video blog. Some tools of the trade might include a laptop (PC, no Apples), A microphone (I personally use a Yeti Pro), and an external high def video camera. Most of this equipment is NOT for basic Social Media posts. If you have never even posted on social media don’t worry about it! For those of you who are more tech savvy and have read my  Tech Tips (Click the pretty blue highlight to learn more) you may want to use the equipment mentioned here today. My personal favorite is just a keyboard.

Some small business owners and bloggers often ask, “if your favorite way to make posts is just a keyboard why do you have all the other stuff?”. My answer, I simply tell them that having multiple ways of creating content enables me to take my business anywhere and everywhere. Hell, I am writing out this blog 33,000 feet up in the air right now! (on my way to Chicago for those that are travel nuts)

Today Our main focus is the different programs & physical equipment you can use.

Lets talk physical equipment first, what are your options?

  • Smartphone or Iphone
  • Mini Tripods
  • Microphone (I use a Yeti)
  • Laptop or Desktop ( I prefer a laptop for portability)
  • An external 1080pm Camera
  • Audio Recorders (if you want higher quality than your phone)
  • USB or Sandisk

Those things will be your primary equipment for a beginner. Again, none of it is necessary for starting out, but stick around and we will have you making video, written, and even live blogs and podcasts all from your social media content.

Here is a list of software to make your content better

Our last few software options are web based platforms that give you a more full circle blogging experience. Each is geared specifically toward video blog creation, but also has a marketing platform to help you get started.


These are just the first tools you may need, and in the future I will briefly go over some of these things in more detail! If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment, or contact me via social media or email.


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