Tech Tips For Your Blog Needs

Hey! So, you must have gotten here because you needed some techy (I think techy is a word) tips?! Well, I promise I won’t disappoint you as much as I disappointed my ex!

We often hear in the small business world that marketing is the KEY ingredient to being successful. The frequent question that usually follows is, “well, how do I get started?”. One of the first steps I suggest is recording videos! Maybe you would like to have a live webinar, a Facebook live stream, or just a simple YouTube video.

You might be thinking, “Josh… I am camera shy! I can’t let people see my face, or hear my voice, or or….!”.

Stop! Stop right there! It’s okay no one has to see you. The main reason for the video is the audio content. Remember content is king. Yes, unfortunately people will have to hear you. If you are real skiddish even audio is something that we can skip. Video blogging is a simple way for ANYONE with the fear of getting started to start.

Here are a few simple steps to get you through your Vlogging fears,

Step 1: Decide on some content you want to talk about in your Vlog. Keep it short, sweet, and simple. Pretend you are talking to a 5 year old. DO not talk down to your audience but remember most people’s attention span is only about 2 minutes!

Step 2: Just do it! No… Not like Shia LaBeouf. There is no reason to get crazy. All I am saying is pull out your phone and start recording yourself. 1, or 2 minutes is perfect! If it makes you feel better you can buy one of those little phone tripods. The point is for you to just start.

Step 3: Once you are done with your 1 or 2 minute video go ahead and load it up to YouTube. If your camera shy, hit private before you publish. If your voice shy, leave it private! No worries… The point is that your content is created.

Step 4: StillĀ  afraid to make your video blog public? Great! Transcribe your video, and make a sweet short social media post, simple website blog, or email blast with the transcription from your video! Some simple sites like, TunesToTube will do this for you.

Not only did you just create audio content, video content, and written content, but you also just took the first step in expanding your marketing ability. What now? Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


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